We first heard about new storage management tools for WhatsApp back in June 2020, thanks to frequent WhatsApp leaker WABetaInfo. It’s taken a while, but the Facebook-owned team has finally confirmed official details.

The company announced that its revised storage management tool is being pushed out to users worldwide this week, and will replace the legacy storage menu (Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage).

The new storage management menu offers deletion suggestions for large files (bigger than 5MB) as well as for files that have been forwarded many times. Furthermore, users are able to bulk-delete files and sort them by age or size. You’ll also get a visual breakdown of total storage used by WhatsApp, as well as how much storage is remaining overall.

Fortunately, the legacy option of being able to view and manage storage usage by chat is still intact here. So if you know a certain group is responsible for using up most of your storage, you can quickly take action here.


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