Chenille embroidery machines are built with a single, continuous yarn that works into the materials and lifts a loop or a pile. These embroidery machines are required many pieces of equipment during work. chenille embroidery machine works better at the soft cotton clothes layers collect together as patches. Chenille machine is also different from other machines like conventional ones due to their style and design applications. Their machines have many kinds.

A special kind of this machine is the JC601C due to its performance and design. Another point is that it does not have bobbins as other conventional embroidery machines have.

Specifications of Chenille Embroidery Machine

There are numerous specifications for chenille embroidery machines. Some of them are below:

  • Its high-speed operation is about 750 rpm and can dramatically increase their productions compared with 600 rpm.
  • The setting of this machine has a specific operating system that selects different colors during operation.
  • During the exchange operation, their needle and presser lift automatically to make it easier.
  • After completion of the loop operator, chain stitches automatically enter into the desired stitches in the operators. It also helps to protect the fabric from producing unknown and some productivity errors at the time of operator of chenille embroidery machines.

Features of Chenille Embroidery Machines

Chenille embroidery machines mostly come with some economic machines in the worldwide markets. There are numberless features such as better design, colorful features, towel embroidery machines, and powerful software. Chenille embroidery machines use a low pile system thread, which balances their soft, flat, and dimensional impact. Usually, flat machines work more simper the normal embroidery machines. Many needles work in flat machines and almost all the same in chenille machines. It also uses six different colors; they change automatically within a second.

Chenille machines use towel embroidery lasting, which is stronger than normal machines. These machines cannot lose until last, and they use the lock-stitch system for embroidery, which look like a towel. Chenille machines are less expensive than chain machines, but its working is better than others. All processing is much simpler, and there will not be any headaches with it because it’s working system are not as complicated. Chenille is made of woven fabric, made with fabrics such as silk, cotton, and rayon.

Chenille Machines with K-Head

Chenille embroidery machine’s product concept is more contemporary power. These machines have a k-head made of polished moss and a streamer-like embroidery system. Its head only has one needle for embroidery purposes for making with special design. Almost every embroidery individual stepper concept has per embroidery allowed permission to have the main functionality needles. It almost has basic concepts of both high-quality, production of moss and chain-like stitching embroidery system.


Chenille machine has some features which make embroidery comfortable, fast, and duplicate adjustment with several impactful features like embroidery thread system, base system, and easiest pattern system. The automatically changing feature can control six different needles, offer height flexibility moss loop, and demand many more designs.


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